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Saturday, September 29, 2007


She was a petite woman. So petite that she was often mistaken to be an 11-year-old..or maybe 12ish. It was a matter of shame for the otherwise strikingly attractive 21-year-old. As she stared at herself in the mirror each morning, stark naked from the fresh shower, she inadvertently covered her small breasts. A loud sigh escaped her mouth each morning while huge tears streamed out of her hazel eyes. Her 4 feet 10 inch frame, narrow shoulders, thin arms and legs, and her pencil like figure had not yet won the heart of any man.

As the clock struck 8, she embarked on her daily routine. She walked out the door to catch her bus to work. Her drooping frame drooped even more with the burden of her laptop bag. She was oblivious to her surroundings. The same birds chirped every morning, the same trees shed leaves, the same jasmine scent made her sick to her stomach, the same stray dog followed her, the same strangers that she hoped to see walking with her, were not there. These were events that she ceased to notice. The dry, lonely pathway belonged to her, or so it seemed. But not today.

As she bent down to straighten her anklet, a black figure pounced on her. Before she could react, she felt her body pressed to the ground with nothing but darkness around her. The loud thud of her own body was unmistakeable. It was truly happening. She had been attacked...and was captured. How could this be? Who would attack a child-like woman? Or was she being "kid"napped? Her mouth tried to scream but no sound came out. Within minutes, she found her legs getting heavier as if something had dropped on it, and she was being lowered into a barrel like figure. She could only sense that things around her were falling, and some even on her. She felt her empty stomach churning, as the barrel was rolled and dropped onto the floor. She kept rolling and swaying and rocking. She heard a loud crash that belonged to breaking glass, a helicopter flying in the near distance, dogs barking, and what was that...she could hear screaming, crying, and screeching. Where was she? Where was she?? She tried hard to open her eyes.

And when she did, she realized that she was in her bedroom, in her purple nightgown, on her queen bed, experiencing an earthquake...


Preethi said...

You know i could always guess a dream seq. in a story however hard the author tries to hide it. This time you tricked me!! :p well done.

manisha said...

oye hoye...tale with a twist.....excellent man!!!!!..u kept me glued til the end...:)

Solitaire said...

@ Preethi! Got ya!

@ Manisha! I am flattered!

shex said...

by the end of this one i just can't stop laughing
earthquake lol

shex said...

i love the last line of your every story
someone said twist in the tale :P
had to read all of yours couldn't stop after reading one. try a different style perhaps, would be a nice change

ishqia said...


after reading all your stories.. i can only say u r a very good writer.. and this blog is very nice.. and i know this wish can never be fulfilled but wish there are no such incidents in people's life..