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Thursday, August 28, 2008


Warning: This story may be disturbing to some, especially minors.

Peter knew the moment he had set eyes on Jenny that they were meant to be together. His ex-wife had left him 6 months ago for another woman and Peter was lonely, de-motivated, and hopeless. He had not kissed any woman in over a year, let alone have sex with any. It almost seemed to him like his young adulthood was going to waste. At 35, he was single again. And now, he felt that this young waitress who had been serving him coffee every morning at the Express Cafe was his soul-mate.

Jenny was a strikingly attractive woman. There was no denying that she was perhaps one of the most beautiful waitresses that Peter had ever known. He was particularly attracted to her olive skin, her petite stature, and her well-toned body. Jenny on the other hand, had always been intuitive that Peter had been attracted to her, and was used to this kind of attention from the cafe's customers. However, this time, the feelings were mutual. So when Peter asked her out a few days later, she was ecstatic. Within 2 months, they legally wed in a small ceremony with only 5 invited guests.

The first few weeks of wedded bliss had filled their lives with love and contentment. They had their ups and downs but essentially felt that they would not be able to live without one another as they kissed, cuddled, hugged, and embraced each other every waking moment together. However, Jenny and Peter hardly made love because Jenny was not only frigid but also suffered from vaginismus. She often felt guilt-ridden and cried her heart out after Peter went to bed after hours of futile coaxing. She wanted to please him but she could not. She wondered if Peter would at any point want to leave her for another woman devoid of sexual problems.

One day, well into the 2nd year of their marriage, her fears came true. After spending minutes trying to penetrate her, Peter lost his cool. He dragged himself out of bed stark naked, walked out of the bedroom, and slammed the door behind him. "How many times have I told you to visit a therapist?", he yelled out. Jenny felt her heart breaking when Peter did not return to the bedroom for the rest of the night. The next day, he left home for work without even kissing her good bye. Jenny spent the entire day ruminating over her woes and her past. She thought about how her father had abandoned her and her mother when she were merely three. She thought about how her first boyfriend had raped her at a fraternity party never to meet her again. She thought about how her mother had died 5 years ago. And she thought about last night. Jenny filled the bathtub with water and spent the rest of the day laying there, thinking about how she could please her husband that evening.

When Peter returned home from work at 7 pm, he saw Jenny sprawled on the bed, with her eyes half-closed. Without a word, he went into the kitchen, and saw that she had made his favorite dinner: meatloaf. Heaping a huge portion onto his plate, he ate quickly, almost swallowing without chewing. He was experiencing a unique sense of excitement that night as he continued to think about Jenny waiting for him inside the bedroom. Brushing the crumbs of his sandwich, and leaving the dirty plate on their couch, he rushed into the bedroom stripping his own clothes off on the way.

Inside their bedroom, he turned the lights off and swiftly undressed Jenny. He then continued to blindfold her and kissed her entire body starting at her forehead and moving downwards in spirals until he reached her toes. His excitement and arousal knew no bounds as there was not a word of protest today. He smiled at himself. Finally, finally she was not rejecting him. Finally, he would be able to make love to her like he had always dreamed of. Finally, he would enjoy their union. In the next few minutes, Peter experienced pleasure like he never had, not even when he lost his virginity in college, and not even like how he had on his honeymoon with his first wife. He felt uniquely liberated as he came into his wife, grunting all the time, without worrying about what the neighbors thought.

A couple hours later, Peter called his friends and gave them the news about Jenny's suicide. She had killed herself that afternoon before he had gotten back from work.